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Why would I need The Poo Cam aka CCTV Drain Camera?

Our Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) drain camera; otherwise known as The Poo Cam; is technology that is essential if you find yourself with a blocked drain, blocked sewer or blocked stormwater drain. It may be that there is more than one blockage, the blockage may be further along than originally thought or the pipes may be damaged or collapsed. By using The Poo Cam, we can find what’s creating the blockage. This removes the guesswork from our job so that you get better, longer-lasting results.

Blocked drains can lead to further problems, such as flooding in your outdoor areas, drains backing up, toilets not working, flooding in or around your house. Additionally, these issues would be extremely difficult and costly to locate without the aid of a Poo Cam inspection.

It doesn’t take long for an invading tree root or a sagging pipe to become a serious problem. Upon first signs of a blocked drain such as:

  • Strong odours emitting from your drains

  • Overflowing drains
  • Gurgling noises
  • Slow to no drainage in your sinks, showers, or tubs
  • Your toilet water level is too high to too low (or your toilet overflows)
  • Pooling water on your property
  • Cracked or shifted pavers or bricks

What does The Poo Cam find?

When you have a particularly stubborn blocked drain, or an overflowing and blocked toilet, or just need to see if there’s something else going on inside your drainage, our qualified plumbers will be able to efficiently and precisely locate the problem to ensure a correct repair.

The most common problems we find are:

  • The drain has broken

  • Roots have grown into the drain and formed a large fibrous mass
  • Misaligned drains
  • Collapsed drains
  • Drains with back fall and pipework that has dropped
  • Crushed pipework
  • Foreign objects in the drain
  • Pipes blocked with wipes or too much toilet paper

The Poo Cam provides a visual image of the condition of underground pipework. In other words, it is a video camera that can be ‘fed’ into existing pipework. This allows our plumber to inspect and identify areas of interest or concern.

This is used as an efficient, cost-effective way of identifying and/or locating any problems with pipes that cannot be readily exposed or assessed. The advantage of utilising this technology is that timely, accurate information can be provided to the customer. Thus, if necessary, specific problem areas can be identified for repair or replacement.

We find a stubborn blockage to usually be caused by any of four things.

These are:

  • Pipes broken or cracked:

    compacted earth can sometimes cause severe damage to your drains.

  • Pipes collapsed:

    age or incorrect installation can often lead to drains collapsing.

  • Pipes invaded by tree roots:

    the most common cause of a blocked drain, tree roots will take advantage of any existing crack or opening.

  • Pipes sagged:

    earth eroding away underneath the pipe makes it sag.

Depending on the situation and what is found, will depend on how we go about rectifying the issue.

Plumbing Professionals NQ can assist with water blasting/ hydro jetting the blockage away or in more serious cases drainage excavation.

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