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Hydro-Jet / Pressure Cleaning

Hydro Jet / Water Blasting / Pressure Cleaning

The Hydro Jet / Water Blaster... drain & driveway cleaning machine not only makes our job quick and easy but also gives you the results you want without taking forever.

How does a Hydro Jet / Pressure Cleaner work?

First, we insert a flexible cable into the problematic pipeline. Then water pressurised to 5000 psi is shot through a nozzle attachment. The cable, which comes from the unit mounted onto our trailer, can reach a blockage up to a hundred metres away. Greasy accumulations are completely removed by the Hydro jet with no fuss and most pesky tree roots are easily sliced through with the result being a squeaky-clean drain.

When would Hydro Jet drain cleaning be required?

Being able to clear sludgy build-ups can be quite difficult for other types of blocked drain cleaning machines. The Hydro jet handles these types of blockages easily and effectively, as well as removing tree roots and some other solid materials. As such, our plumbers will generally use the Hydro jet drain cleaning machine for clearing those more stubborn or hard to reach blocked drains.

Sinks and other drains in many businesses can often become blocked with troublesome oil and grease build-ups. The Hydro jet machine would be the best solution for clearing these blocked drains. Of course, it’s always better to prevent a major problem than to fix one.

Although Hydro-Jetting is a superior cleaning method to Cabling (i.e. rodding, roto-rooting), using the cable still has an important place in the clearing of a drain. For example, many times the clogged drain will be full of water when we arrive. In such a case, the right choice may be to poke a hole through the clog with the cable allowing us to get a camera to the problem area for diagnosis, and finally sending in the Hydro-Jet to finish the job.

How Does Drainage Excavation Work?

Drainage excavation is the last resort for severely blocked drains, which is why there are a few steps involved before we excavate. On arrival our plumbers will use The Poo Cam to determine what is causing the issue. Depending on what is found we maybe able to use the hydro jet to clear the blockage.

If our plumber is unable to clear the blocked drain, they will advise that a section of the drain/ pipe needs to be replaced. With access to various sized machines, from 1.5 tonne excavators to 4 tonne, we can excavate the area no matter how big or small. We are also able to organise temporary facilities if required while the work is taking place.  Our experienced plumbers are thoroughly trained in blocked drain excavation and replacement.

We at Plumbing Professionals NQ will also keep you updated every step of the way.

Why would Drainage Excavation be required?

Tree root infiltration or compacting and shifting earth can lead to a cracked, broken or complete collapse of your outdoor drains. Another common issue of severely blocked drains is foreign objects being flushed down the toilet.

Our plumbing professional will recommend a section of the blocked drain be replaced if the blockage is unclearable. This could be the case if a sludge build-up is too solid to shift, or if the drain frequently gets blocked from poor quality or incorrect installation.

We always opt for long term solutions over quick fixes. Whilst we always try to find non-intrusive resolutions first, leaving your drains blocked can lead to health implications or bigger repair jobs in the future. This is why we use every tool possible and will always go the extra mile to clear your drains.

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