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Water Leak Detection

Whether you have a leaking tap, a leaking toilet, a leaking hose under the sink or basin, a leaking shower or an underground water leak that needs to be located, dug up and repaired, we at Plumbing Professionals NQ can help! 

We offer a Leak Detection service and provide a written report which can be used to help with insurance claims.

Signs you may have a water leak

  • Letter from the council advising an excessive use of water

  • Wet patch in the yard or around the outside of the house
  • Paint bubbling on the internal walls or wet carpet
  • Water on the ground or running down a wall
  • Mould build up on walls

  • Rotten timber near doors or bathroom issues.

Leaking Pipes and Flexi Hoses

Leaking pipes can be a tricky problem to diagnose. Sometimes, the problem can be hidden behind walls or cabinet doors. You can often tell if you have a leak in your house by a heavy mildew scent around the area. Discoloration in walls or ceiling tiles can also be indicative of a leak.

What is a Fexi Hose?

Flexi hoses are flexible hoses and rubber pipes which are surrounded by braided lengths of stainless steel. They are widely used around the home and mostly used with:
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Bathroom sinks
  • Toilets
  • Washing machines
  • Dishwashers
  • Taps connected to your home mains

Plumbed Fridges

Flexi hoses have a limited working life and should be checked bi-annually by a licensed plumber. The risk of bursting and flooding a home increases dramatically around the 9-year mark. The damage caused can be extreme, with water flooding your house in a matter of seconds, leading to ruined cabinets, walls, floors, and mould which, in some extreme cases, can make your home uninhabitable.

Flexi hoses should only be installed by a licensed plumber.

We at Plumbing Professionals NQ offer specific service for checking flexi hoses. Call or email us today for details!

Things you can do at home

  • Look for signs of ageing: Warning signs for faulty flexi hoses include rust spots, bulging sections on the metal exterior and fraying or kinking.
  • Warranty Checks: Ensure all new flexi hoses come with an extended warranty period. If it’s a pre-existing hose, you can check for the expiry on the collar of the hose.
  • Check its surroundings: If you store chemicals under your sink, you could be putting your hose at risk of damage before the expiry date.
  • Installation: If you have flexi hoses or are installing new ones, ensure they are checked and fitted by a professional plumber.
Rest assured that our professional plumbers will recommend only the best quality products and solutions to fix your leaking toilet issues

Underground Water Leaks

You may have noticed water running out of your storm water drain, a damp patch in your garden or grass area or received a higher than normal water bill.

These are usually some common signs of an underground water leak.

These leaks can occur for a number of reasons – leak in your irrigation pipe or a leak in your main water supply pipe underground.

We at Plumbing Professionals NQ have the equipment to assist with locating the leak efficiently, hence allowing us to carry out repair works to be carried out in a cost-effective way.

Leaking Appliances

Some times the hoses on appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers or fridges may split or become damaged. Evidence of this will be water leaking over the floor or down the wall.

Normally the offending pipe can be replaced and fixed easily.

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