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Hot Water Service

Installation and Repairs

A hot water service is a fixture designed to provide hot water that is primarily used for washing, cleaning and hygiene purposes.

Signs of Hot Water Problems

If your hot water system has stopped working or is showing signs of an impending fault, you should get it inspected by a qualified plumber. Some of the most common signs include:
  • No hot water
  • Signs of rust on tank
  • leaking taps or vavles
  • Water running cold faster than usual
  • Leaking from the unit (top or bottom)
  • Pilot light keeps extinguishing
  • A burst unit
  • Taking longer than normal to reheat
  • Cracked or damaged solar power collectors
  • Clanging sounds coming from the storage tank
  • Discoloured water

We at Plumbing Professionals NQ are able to provide repairs and installations for all major brands and all types of systems. There are 4 types of hot water services and we are fully licensed to install all of them.

Electric Hot Water System

Electric hot water units are the most common type of hot water service on the market. It basically a larger version of the kettle in your kitchen. Water is stored in a tank and heated by a heating element which is controlled by a thermostat. They come in a variety of sizes ranging from 25 litres through to 400 litres. The size of the hot water service is dependent on how many people live in the house, how many bathrooms you have, and the location of the hot water service.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar hot water units are generally considered the most efficient hot water service, as long as they are installed correctly. As the name suggests, water is heated by the sun. These units come with a secondary heating source (generally electric) to ensure that, if there is a lack of sun, the water is still heated until the sun returns.

Gas Hot Water Systems

Gas hot water service is a popular way to heat water. There are 2 types of gas hot water service:

  1. A gas storage unit which stores water in a tank and is then heated by a gas burner
  2. A gas instantaneous hot water service, which is very popular as the unit only heats water as you need it, therefore is quite efficient. The other big advantage of this type of unit is they are very compact and look neater on the side of your house.

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

A heat pump unit is a very efficient type of hot water service on the market. These units operate like a refrigerator in reverse – they have a storage tank and a compressor (which sounds like an air conditioner running) – and are larger than your average electric hot water service.

Heat pumps are a slightly more expensive investment to install however will save you big dollars on electricity.

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