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Roof Leaks, Gutter Repairs & Gutter Cleaning


When it comes to the roof, unless there is a problem, this area of the house tends to be overlooked.

Ideally your roof should have a maintenance check annually to view its condition. It is always going to be easier and cheaper to have small repairs conducted when needed then a whole re-roof.

We are able to assist with rusted roof sheets, flashings, roof leaks, resealing, re-screwing a whole roof or replacing dektites. Alternatively, if a whole roof replacement or re-roof is a better option, we are more than qualified to complete this as well.

In tropical North Queensland Colorbond Roofing is common choice due to its durability, design and its ability to cope with heat and weather conditions.


Gutters / downpipes are the exterior drainage system of your home. It is important to keep up maintenance on your gutters to prevent them from leading to serious damage in the future. Most home improvement professionals recommend that gutters need checked and cleaned at least twice a year. When gutters have been allowed to become clogged up with leaves, twigs and other materials, the rainwater cannot run off efficiently, causing the need for gutter repair.

Plumbing Professionals NQ are able to clean & inspect your gutters & provide a roof report. This written report outlines any visible issues and suggestions for rectifying the issues over the roof and guttering.

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